Directed by Terri Cline
Musical Direction by Ken Burdick
Choreography by Terri Cline

Performance Dates:
March 6th – April 5th

Audition Dates:
December 8th 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
December 9th 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Audition Location:
The Ovation Theatre
1622 19th Street
Bakersfield, California

Be prepared to sing a song from the show or one that shows off your range.
An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music.
Be prepared to do a cold reading from the show.
You will be asked to dance. Please wear proper dance attire and shoes

The Disney musical is based on the 1992 film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The show is inspired by the actual New York City Newsboy Strike of 1899 and tells the tale of homeless kids who hustle newspapers to make a few bucks. The Broadway musical won a Tony Award for it’s choreography and is produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.


JACK KELLY (Lead): Male 18-25 Tenor
The charismatic leader of the Manhattan newsie. Jack is an orphaned dreamer and artist who yearns to get out of the crowded streets of NYC and make a better life for himself out West; fiercely protective of his best friend, Crutchie, and strongly loyal, Jack isn’t afraid to use his voice to attain better conditions for the working kids of NYC.

KATHERINE PLUMBER (Lead): Female 18-28 Contemporary Voice with High Belt
An ambitious young reporter who works hard to make a name for herself as a legitimate journalist in a time when women aren’t taken seriously; quick, funny, and resourceful; while she generally has no time for cocky, streetwise young men, she makes an exception for Jack Kelly. Tap experience is a plus.

CRUTCHIE (Lead): Male, 16-25 Tenor
Dedicated newsie with a bum leg that’s painful. He helps sell papers with the help of his crutch for walking assistance. Crutchie doesn’t let his disability define him. He is the heart of the resistance.

DAVEY (Lead): Male 18-25 Tenor
Les’s straight-laced and bright big brother starts selling newspapers to help his family earn a living, but becomes swept up in the fervor of the strike; a leader in his own right who is learning to use his voice to uplift others, Davey is the brains of the resistance.

LES (Supporting): Male, 10-14
Davey’s cheeky younger brother is inspired by the freedom of the newsies and loves their independent lifestyle; Les is an intuitive, precocious sales-boy and a pint-sized charmer; he should present as younger than the other newsies.
Must be a good mover.

MEDDA LARKIN (Supporting): Female 25-40
Big-voiced vaudevillian singer and star of The Bowery; an astute entertainer with great comic delivery, she’s a good friend to Jack and stands firmly behind the newsies in their fight for justice.

JOSEPH PULITZER (Supporting): Male, 40-55
Pompous businessman through and through owns the World and is concerned solely with the bottom line. Katherine’s no-nonsense father, Pulitzer doesn’t sympathize with the strikers, but he does eventually – and grudgingly – respect Jack.

NEWSIES (Supporting): Male 16-28

GOVERNOR TEDDY ROOSEVELT (Featured): Male, 40-50
A well-respected lifelong public servant, inspires Jack to stand up to Pulitzer.

ENSEMBLE (Featured): Male and Females 16-40