Saturday, April 13th | 10am – 2pm

Location: the Ovation Theatre (1622 19th St.)

Directed by Jason McClain

Audition Date:
April 13th 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Performances Dates:
June 7-30th

Audition Location:
The Ovation Theatre
1622 19th Street
Bakersfield, California

Please come prepared to sing a song from the show or a 1970’s rock, pop, or Disco hit. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music.
Be prepared to do a cold reading from the show.
You may be asked to dance. Please wear appropriate attire and shoes.

Please contact Jason McClain at with any questions

All parts require strong singing and comedic abilities.
Most parts require dance ability/willingness to learn.

TED SCHEIDER (Lead) – Male, 30-50, Baritone (High note: G4)
A professor and “disaster expert” who works to warn others of impending doom.

CHAD RUBIN (Supporting) – Male, 25-40, Tenor (High note: B4)
A flirtatious caterer at the casino, attempting to be a player while still mourning his broken engagement to Marianne. Rock/pop belt required.

SCOTT (Supporting) – Male, 25-40, Tenor (High note: B4)
A less flirtatious caterer at the casino and Chad’s slightly geeky best friend.

TONY DELVECCHIO (Supporting) – Male, 30-60, Baritone (High note: Ab4)
The deceitful owner of the casino and almost-charming scumbag.

MARIANNE WILSON (Supporting) – Female, 25-40, Soprano (High note: F#5)
An investigative journalist with career goals that conflict with her love life. High pop belt required.

SISTER MARY DOWNY (Supporting) – Female, 20-50, Mezzo-Soprano (High note: B5)
An awkward, judgmental nun with a gambling addiction. Pop/rock belt preferred.

LEVORA VERONA (Supporting) – Female, 30-50, Mezzo-Soprano (High note: E5)
A flamboyant but faded disco diva who is bold, brazen, and in love with her pet dog. Pop/soul belt required.

JACKIE NOELLE (Supporting)– Female, 30-50, Mezzo-Soprano (High note: D5)
A ditzy but honest showgirl turned lounge singer. Mother of Ben and Lisa, she is on a quest to find them a new, better father.

BEN / LISA NOELLE (Supporting) – Male or Female, 8-16 (to look 12 or younger), Tenor/Mezzo (High note: D5)
Smart and snarky, Jackie’s twin son and daughter are both played by the same actor. Pop belt preferred.

SHIRLEY WINTERS (Supporting)– Female, 40-70, Alto/Mezzo (High note: B4)
Maury’s jolly and dedicated wife, who suffers from a terminal illness. Tap dance experience a plus.

MAURY WINTERS (Supporting) – Male, 40-70, Baritone (High note: G4)
Shirley’s jolly and dedicated husband.

ENSEMBLE (Featured)– Male and Female, 20-60, all vocal ranges
Glamorous party-guests/character roles. Strong dance ability preferred.